Tips of Coconut Oil Teeth Whitening


Using coconut oil for whitening the teeth’s has become the most popular natural method used in whitening the teeth. The common word that is being used nowadays is oil pulling. With oil pulling, you will have to swirl oil in your mouth. The coconut oil teeth whitening is one of the most healthy ways of whitening the teeth. It may be unpleasant but is way better than teeth whitening bleaches, and they have numerous side effect.

General information

But can coconut oil whiten the teeth?

jjjdddqqyypkCoconut oil does not whiten the teeth by bleaching. The coconut oil has lauric acid which will help get rid of plaque and bacteria that are major causes of yellow teeth. Coconut oil has a medium chain of fatty acids one of the being lauric acids. Coconut oil has 50% of lauric acid. Lauric acid has been proven to be the best when it comes anti- inflammatory and antimicrobial, which are useful when it comes to the removal of bacteria on the teeth and the gum. It will also help with your breath to be always fresh.

Teeth whitening

Coconut oil being a natural product and it helps in whitening the teeth. Unlike other products that are recommended for whitening the teeth. Coconut oil does not have and side effect and can be used for the most sensitive teeth.  Also, using coconut oil to whiten the teeth has proved to give great results when it comes to the dental health. When you compare the taste of other oils with that of coconut oil, coconut oil has a fairly pleasant taste. And it’s not that expensive.

How long do teeth whitening with coconut oil take? You may be asking yourself this question

Well, this does vary with different people. It will take time to see results if your teeth have very dark yellow stains. Also, how consistent you are will determine how fast the coconut oil will work. Making the coconut oil an everyday use will have you see the result faster. So do not give up the process is slow but the result will be visible in no time. Also when using coconut to whiten your teeth, the following are some of the activities you should avoid to see the result faster.

Smoking: smoking discolors our teeth

kkkkkkkbbbvvxqwIf you are a regular smoker, the damage done by the cigarettes is not only on your teeth.  The sort in the cigarette is the one that will discolor your tooth and when using coconut oil won’t do much.

Drinking coffee or tea: coffees and teas are caffeinated beverages, and they are dark. Caffeine is the main reason why they discolor your teeth.