Understanding The Role Naps Play In Your Health


Our bodies tend to get tired when we do something during the day. This is why it is necessary to take a nap. This article will help you in understanding the role naps play in your health.

1. Increased alertness

When one feels sleepy during the day, they should take a nap. Taking a nap has led to increased alertness by up to forty percent. This has led to fewer errors while at work. In addition to that, breaking your day with a nap will leave one energized on the second part of their day. They would achieve more than what they have if they did not take a nap. It is a high time one ditched the cup of caffeine and took a nap for more alertness and energy for their day.3456yretwrqe

2. Improved memory

Naps are necessary for the improvement of memory. This is more so to the people who work on tasks that are very complex which involve one paying attention to a particular thing while having other things to remember as well. Napping will help one to improve their memory since the long term memory is solidified while recent memories are transferred to the neo cortex.

3. Prevention of burnouts

One can get a burn out if they have too much to do and want to complete all the work within a short while. Working continuously for long hours will make one less productive. Also, not taking a nap especially if one has a lot to do will make them less productive as well. One should take a nap of like twenty minutes then resume working. This way, they will be able to achieve more.

4. Increased senses and creativity

Research has it that taking a nap makes one have increased sensory perception. This is just like having a night’s sleep. In addition to that, one’s web of creativity ideas becomes loosened by taking a nap. This makes one creative by coming up with good ideas due to the mixed insights they get.

5. Improved health

Sleep deprivation causes excess production of cortisol or the stress hormone. The increased cortisol production causes glucose intolerance which ends up causing a variety of disorders in the body which cause major diseases like heart diseases and diabetes. Sleeping is the antidote for cortisol. Sleeping helps to boost one’s immunity and stress reduction among other benefits to the body. Taking a nap produces similar results to those of sleeping, but still one needs the sleep and not just the nap.

6. Mood improvement

45tyutryetwrSerotonin is the mood, sleep and appetite regulator in our bodies. When one is stressed, there is an increased usage of serotonin hence production is blocked. This causes one to be irritable and depressed. Napping helps the brain in the regulation of usage of serotonin which ends up reversing the effects which had been caused by stress.

Catching a good night’s sleep requires that you prepare and also have a comfortable mattress and pillow. If you are a side sleeper, make sure that you buy a mattress and pillow that are suitable for side sleepers. Aim at getting the best products corresponding to your budget.